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Search Engine Optimisation

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Welcome to seodev. This community is your chance to share ideas, intelligence and discoveries on all things search engine.

Okay. Yeah. I suppose there's a redundancy in "search engine optimization development" (or optimisation if you spell the word as Charles Babbage would have) but the tradition of sticking "dev" on the end of all things important is strong and healthy here in Live Journal. As the name suggests this community is especially interested in the specialist but powerful niche that is designing a search engine clever site.

Syndicated accounts here at LJ must include googleblog, ysearchblog, msn_search_blog and search_engines.

webdesign is probably the most popular web design community and webdev is quite good for more technically minded questions. link_exchanges, of course, is an ideal community to be aware of.

Good forums include search engine watch and Webmaster World. There is also Jim World though I think it's beginning to run down these days.

Google's Zeitgeist page is always interesting. Yahoo's Buzz is good too. The Lycos 50 is a similar page, just without the Google wow factor.